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Individual Child Assessment

Individual child assessment is documented, utilizing Teaching Strategies Gold Assessment, where a portfolio collection of your child’s individual work is collected overtime, and contains photos of your child, a developmental checklist, and narrative reports, summarizing your child’s overall development at specific points, documenting developmental milestones and establishing future goals specific to your child.

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Two-Year-Old Classrooms

Our Two-Year-Old Classrooms (24 months- 36 months) provide a stimulating environment where the curriculum accommodates the traits and needs of your child as he/she is growing towards independence.  Planned activities include, Imitating & Pretending, Playing with Toys, Enjoying  Stories/Music, Dabbling in Art, Tasting Food, Exploring  Sand/Water, Fun with Music & Movement, and Outdoor Explorations which…

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Toddler Classrooms

Our Toddler Classrooms (15 months- 24 months) serve as a transitional classroom where children begin eating at group tables, napping on cots, and are given a greater amount of creative exploration experiences.  Children explore and manipulate their environment through purposeful play and free exploration.

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Infant Classrooms

Our Infant Classrooms (6 weeks-15 months) provide a warm, safe, loving environment with opportunities to cuddle with a caregiver, explore using the 5 senses, manipulate the environment through hands-on explorations, coo as a book is being read aloud, kick their legs to rhythmic music, or take a nap in individually assigned cribs.

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