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We couldn’t be happier with Matthew’s progress while attending Early Explorations. He loves going each day and is excited to share what he learned when we pick him up each evening. He will sing us a song, practice counting, saying his ABC’s or yell out the new words he learned at school that day. I look forward to the ride home each evening to see and hear what he has learned. It’s so nice knowing he is in good hands. Thanks Early Explorations.

Matthew L.

When my family started at the center the PI Birth to Three Program Parent Educator Heather S. was full of information on how to help my children transition into the classroom. We got involved with the program shortly before my child had an ASQ with not typical results. Heather was extremely supportive of my family during this time and provided us with information that I utilized and I am happy to report my child is thriving in all areas and has been receiving typical ASQ’s since.

The home visits are always fun and informative because Heather brings in interesting things like instruments made from household items to show the kids and gives us ideas on things we could make.

The program doesn’t only support the child in the program, it supports the entire family unit. I am a foster parent and that entails a lot situations in which a family needs support, and Heather has been there for my family above and beyond what I ever expected. The program even provides my child a counselor who comes into the classroom to observe and do play therapy! From a person involved in many programs (as a foster parent the list is long) this is definitely the best! I would recommend the center and the program to anyone.